Are You Crippled by Opportunity?

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Today, I already started allotting an extra 2-hour block in my day to income producing activities.

This morning I had sat down with my notebook and laptop, entirely prepared to start calling businesses and get my feet wet.

Too bad it was Sunday.

Once I realized, I had to quickly rearrange my plans and decided to use the time to update my LinkedIn profile, do a bit of research on Reddit and update my Resume. I even sent in several applications on Indeed to various freelance opportunities.

I’m not 100% on what the extra income generating project(s) will be yet.

Writing consulting is still a possibility but I want to keep my mind open. I decided it’s a better approach than boxing myself in but I do have to be careful. One thing that usually happens when I’m on the horizon of a new project is becoming overwhelmed by the abundance of opportunities. I was a bit stressed this morning thinking about my next move until I realized how spoiled it was to be crippled by opportunity.

And it’s not just me, it’s a lot of people. 

There are social media influencers out there making thousands off of Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. I just watched an old video of Gary Vee saying he thinks someone could easily make $100k/year selling rocks with doodles on them if they set up a stand on the sidewalk. In the US, there are people leaving free furniture and appliances on the curb and then someone picking them up and reselling them online for a profit.

There is a ridiculous amount of opportunity in the world.

So when it comes to money, it’s not what if I make money, it’s the how do I want to make my money. The fact that most of us can be choosy about how we make our money is crazy.

You mean I can conjure words, call it an Ebook and sell it on Amazon?

All I have to do is get 8,000 followers on Instagram and that’s already worth a few hundred sales of a product? What if I just 10X it by putting in some more work?

I don’t know… it’s pretty incredible. All these realizations made my stress drop away instantly.

I think the feeling I was looking for was gratitude, gratitude for so much opportunity.

So, now that I have my mind right, I can relax. It will only be a matter of time before I solidify the next step.


Thank you for reading

❤ Aleesha

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