Late Nights and Short Posts

On the Journey to Following My Dreams

Here we are, it’s past 11 again.

I hope this doesn’t become a habit.

I just returned from dropping a friend off to go barhopping. Earlier today I agreed to do this and as soon as it became close to the time to leave I wanted to bail out. But…I’m trying to get better at cancelling on plans so off we went into the chilly night.

On the way back, I considered why I didn’t join the party. I was dressed alright for the occassion, the kids were already tucked in bed and everything was done except for this little post.

A few years ago, I might have went. It might have sounded like a fun time back then.

But now, I’m just excited about a movie I’m about to watch and the day I have off tomorrow.

I guess that can be life at 30. Anyways signing off from another short post and hopefully tomorow will bring something new and exciting.


Thank you for reading!


Day 282



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