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On the Journey to Following My Dreams

Today, I watched day 1 of a 90 days series on dropshipping. This particular episode had a lot of helpful information about advertising.

Earlier this year I wrote about how I once created a few t-shirt designs and listed them on sites like Redbubble, Teespring, and Teepublic. On RedBubble I uploaded about 7 designs and the “traffic” organically came to my profile with no further efforts. After two weeks, I even got lucky and sold one of my designs there.

On Teespring and Teepublic, I uploaded my designs and then made an attempt to drive traffic to 3 different shirts with targeted Facebook ads. The total spent in this Facebook ad experiment was only about $30 before I stopped because I hadn’t made any sales.

The truth is still want to learn about Facebook ads and advertising in general. The process of getting an ad to convert is intriguing and I’m curious to learn more about the human pysche and what actually causes people to make certain decisions.

As I was watching the dropshipping video today, I realized if I want to learn Facebook advertising , I’m going to have to be open to the short-term risk of faililng at my ads. With anything I do, there’s a risk of losing. Most of the time, the only thing on the line is time, but with this it’s money.

I have a small budget in mind and this time I’m going to give things a fair shot. Once I learn this skill, it’s going to be useful in more ways than I know.


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