Clear Skies Means Finally Time for a Photoshoot

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As soon as I saw the clear blue skies this morning, I knew all my work plans for the day were off the table. We’ve been waiting two weeks for the weather to clear up so my one sis and I could do this photoshoot for LaurayCo.

Tomorrow’s forecast is rain again, so we’re going to take advantage of this small window of opportunity. The good thing is we haven’t been in a huge rush because we’re still waiting for the finished headbands to arrive. Last week I contacted our supplier and they sent me some picture updates of the product and said there was a slight delay because everything has to be inspected by the government before shipment.

Anyway, we want to at least get the photos done before the product arrives.

I have 3 camera batteries charging and after I write my piece for the day, I’ll be reviewing some information on the best camera settings for evening shoots. It’s been a few months since I last touched my camera, so I’m excited to see how this goes. I’m also tempted to vlog, but today isn’t the day to get carried away.

The main purpose is to get a few good shots so we can get them up on our website and send some pictures over to possible Instagram influencers that will work with us to relaunch the brand.

The first time I started LaurayCo, back when I was doing it alone, I started with a sewing machine on a tall chair in my living room. Totally unprofessional set-up, but hey it got the job done.

Back then I was only on Etsy and occasionally I listed on eBay too. The biggest problem back then was having to do everything- the sewing, the “marketing” which was pretty much non-existent, shipping and product listings. I graduated to hiring a retired tailor who sewed the headbands for $2.50 a piece and now we have a supplier who is doing them for $1.50 each which includes shipping costs to the US.

Since the sewing is no longer a worry and since my sisters have joined me, I’m anticipating the workload to be considerably less.

I found our existing supplier by e-mailing 30 or so accounts on Alibaba. I had a special request.

I wanted a specific pattern, called kente print custom printed onto the headband fabric. At first, I couldn’t find anyone to do it. Most of the suppliers wanted me to pick from their already available products. A few that were willing to custom print, wanted me to order an astronomical amount of headbands, but I didn’t want to have that type of inventory sitting around.

Finally, I found one who was willing to do any custom print I wanted, the style of headbands I wanted and custom packaging. They sent me a couple of samples, everything looked great and we decided to go with them. I was super happy to have found the right match but at the same time, I already know I’m going to have to find one or 2 other suppliers that can do the same exact thing.

We can’t have everything hinged on just the one.

There haven’t been that many updates over the past couple of weeks, but the next few weeks things should start to pick up again and I will, of course, be updating as I go. Well, I’m off to get situated for this evenings shoot, but thank you for reading.

I will talk to you again tomorrow. =)


Thank you 


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