Delayed Gratification Can Reap the Best Rewards

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I remember the first time I ran Facebook ads.

Ashamedly, I only ran them twice over two-week periods and neither time was successful.

I didn’t even spend a ton of money, but it was super-nerve racking sitting at the computer watching my dollars disappear and wondering at which point an ad would convert. I got maybe twenty or so Facebook page likes, but in the end, the campaign converted to zero sales.

I ran these ads during my brief stint with designing t-shirts last October. It was a “test” to see whether the t-shirt market was a good one.

Now, I’m sure had I continued to study and practice by putting more money into my ads, they would have eventually started converting but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

Success rarely happens instantaneously.

It takes focus, time and effort, trial and error. And on top of that, there’s a cost. For me, it often winds down to how much I’m willing to stick my neck out.

Writing costs me a couple of hours a day.

Podcasting, with the conversations and editing, maybe a few hours a week.

Although I am putting a good amount of time and effort into these things, there is no “guaranteed” long-term benefit. I know what other people have done and I know what is likely to happen and what the goal is, but there’s still a degree of faith and speculation at this point.

But I’m okay with that because I enjoy doing these things and I’m willing to accept the cost.

If I want to become a better writer, I have to spend the time honing my skill.

If I want to become better at Facebook ads, I’m going to have to learn more and practice with more money.

I have to invest the time and/or money upfront in things that I may not immediately realize the benefits of the time, money, or energy spent.

As with many things in life, sometimes I have to delay gratification to reap the best reward.


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