Do the Things You Own, Own You?

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It was 10:30 pm and 2 hours before I had just listed my sofa set on the Everything Free Facebook group in my area.

“Free Sofa Set Good Condition- Must Go Tonight!”

As I had hoped, the post generated 20 something odd replies. I was certain the sofas would be gone that evening. The day before I had driven 30 minutes away and a man with smiley face contacts and tatted arms gave me cash for my 3 sewing machines and 10 yards of fabric. He said he would be making some dresses for his daughter.

And even before that, I had emptied my entire house of things upon things that I never imagined would take so long to clear out. Craigslist had become my BFF.

That last evening in my townhome, a man and his son-and-law came and picked up the couches. Upon seeing them in such good condition, they were slightly suspicious.

“Why are you giving them away for free? Is there anything wrong with them?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong. I just need them gone. I’m leaving the country and will be driving down to Florida tomorrow morning.”

They loaded the couches into their white pick-up truck and bade me good luck on my journey.

Just like that the house was empty, save 2 large suitcases and a few small assorted duffel bags. We slept on the floor with pillows and blankets and early the next morning, my landlord came and collected the keys to my townhome. Following that, I drove my car down to my parent’s home and my dad purchased it from me.

It felt exhilarating when everything was gone. No more overpriced rent, a lot less things, plus I was about to go on the trip of my life.

I used to be attached to material possessions. I wanted the nicest, fanciest items I could afford and sometimes could not afford but bought anyway. I remember one time buying a laptop that was gold and engraved with tiny intricate designs. It was $300 more than a plain grey laptop by the same brand but I wanted what I wanted and I couldn’t resist.

I’ve changed drastically.

What’s most important for me now are the experiences I have in life. I was willing to give up near everything I owned last year to travel. And this past December when I returned to the US, I didn’t restock on what I had sold previously. I didn’t want to.  I realized I liked the freedom of having less, especially because I wanted to remain mobile.

I do, however, have a few “prized” possessions. I kind of like my camera, my computer (used), my smartphone and my podcasting mic. But it’s because they serve a certain purpose in what I’m trying to accomplish. So while I can’t deny the usefulness or luxury of indulging on occasion, I always remember it’s not the whole thing.

The things I own don’t own me. I own them and focus on creating a beautiful life with great experiences.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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