Do What You Love and the Rest Will Fall Into Place

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My writing is always leading me somewhere, telling me something.

Lately, I’ve started to listen.

This might surprise you, but I’m not really sure why I started writing or more specifically why I chose to write every day.

Sure, there were the surface reasons of “Writing is my strength” and “If I don’t write every day, I likely won’t write at all” but I feel like there’s something deeper than that.

In the beginning, I thought I was doing this all for you. But now I realize so much of this is for me. Posts like “Pay Yourself First” or “Life is Too Short, Be Happy” I felt those posts… I needed them. I’ve been writing the exact things I need to read, at the exact moment I need to read them and maybe other people need them too, so that’s the beauty in it.

And then there’s the publication and the podcast and it all ties back to my writing.

Next week, Mr. Molly Maguire and I, are talking with the editors of Struggling Forward, another publication. I don’t know what that means, but I feel like it’s all something, even if that “something” isn’t clear yet.

I had to start writing to create these serendipitous events. Danny Forest calls them, “Happy Accidents”.

They’ve happened throughout my life, and even my failures have been a source of serendipity.

What if I loved my first real jobs instead of hated them?

The course of my life would have been totally different. I probably wouldn’t be writing post 168 today. So I’m thankful for the sucky jobs and as weird as it sounds, I’m glad I got fired.

One subtle shift to any of my past could have completely changed the trajectory of my life and caused me to miss typing on this keyboard today.

So I can’t complain. 

Instead, I’m just extremely grateful and optimistic about the future.

I don’t know if it really matters why I started writing, I’m just glad that I did. Like everything else in life, I’m sure the real reason will reveal itself later down the line. The most important thing is that I’m doing what I love and what I love is going to expand into all areas of my life.

So my note to myself today and to you =) is,

“Keep doing what you love and the rest will fall into place.”


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

Day 168



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