Does the Universe Conspire to Help Us Achieve Our Dreams?

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“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

~Paulo Coelho

The quote is from the book, “The Alchemist.”

I wrote about the book a while back and said, I didn’t really “get it”. I don’t think it flew over my head, it was just like,


“Okay, okay, the law of attraction, all that good stuff-nothing novel here.”


I changed my mind today.

Without having read the book again, somehow I understand it better now.

Four years ago my life kind of sucked.

It was just not a good time for me and right when I was about to go through the same circle that would have ultimately led back to the same sucky spot, I decided to change course.

That was the hardest change ever because it meant a completely new journey.

Wanting has to be more than just a desire. It has to be backed by action. And that action doesn’t mean the desired result will come easy.

In fact, I feel like the universe, God, whatever, kicks us down and roughs us up a bit to see how bad we want the dream.

When I talk about my amazing year abroad, I never really talk about the hard parts, like when we were staying in Florida before going to Costa Rica. Two weeks before our plane’s departure a large hurricane came and made us drive overnight from where we were staying in Florida to my sister’s apartment in Georgia.

All the hotels were booked to capacity from the mass exodus of people from Florida so we wound up sleeping on my sister’s couch for a week. When we returned to Florida we had to get a new place to stay on the other side of the state because of the hurricane damage to the first side we were staying on.

Meanwhile, my boys’ passports were shipped to the first house and the landlord who was out of state had to arrange for his gardener to watch for the mail and ship the passports priority mail to our new address.

They passports arrived only two days before our scheduled flight departure.

There were 3 more incidents like this for the first two or three months in between Florida and when we arrived in Costa Rica. There was a point the thought did cross my mind, like

“Damn, am I supposed to be doing this?”

But I dropped the thought and kept pressing forward, believing it was exactly what I was supposed to do at the time.

After month three everything settled and we seriously had the best year of our lives.

The process reminds me of a rocket launch. They say the hardest part is the takeoff and entry into space. Everything is working against the 4.4 million pounds of steel and fuel before take off. Physics, gravity…reason..

But somehow they’ve managed to have hundreds of successful space missions. All because of a drive and curiosity to explore something greater.

It’s impossible to predict exactly what’s ahead, but I do feel like if we want something bad enough and we persist in working toward it, everything else that is causing a resistance, will fall away.

Situations, things, relationships, they will all fall back and everything and everyone that is supposed to be there will be, and at the right place and time.

It’s just a matter of letting go and trusting in this process, while simultaneously trekking forward.

So I think I get it now Paulo Coelho, if we allow it to, the universe does conspire to help us achieve our dreams.   

Thank you for reading ❤



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