Don’t Judge Yourself Too Much

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I normally eat healthy but I’ve gotten a little off track due to being busy. Tonight is my second time getting takeout for dinner this week.

The morning started out good! Oatmeal with raisins, strawberries and other fruits for breakfast. Lunch was some homemade veggie soup and sweet potatoes fries and then for dinner, I ruined it with some delicious chicken alfredo pizza.

Oh, it’s is a good time to say, I’m no longer vegan. Probably once or twice a week we now eat meat.

Anyway, I have these perfect ideals of how I would like things to be but the reality does not always match up.

Lately, I’ve had to remind myself, not to judge myself too hard. 

I’ve gotten over my obsession with my medium stats but sometimes I’m a bit overly concerned about what I’m writing.

A few days ago, I probably had 2 or 3 post ideas brewing in my mind but I picked them all apart and wound up with nothing left to write about.

“Is this going to offend someone?” 

“Is this too repetitive?”

“This is uninteresting…”

I was judging my ideas too hard.

Ultimately, when there was nothing left, I had to pick from the well of ideas I didn’t like and I wound up writing about getting my driver’s license at 18. This article didn’t do like phenomenal but there was engagement and I discovered my judgment is still off, despite being 116 days into this challenge.

Sometimes I have all intents of doing something and I fall short. Sometimes I think what I’m doing is not that great and I do better than expected.

I think the main point of realizing this is to know as long as I am striving towards something great, I don’t need to be super critical. Sure let’s evaluate and see what might need to be tweaked or improved upon but other than that I will try to enjoy the process more, rather than judge it.

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