Don’t Sleep Through Life

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I started an article yesterday evening but when I revisited it this morning to finish off the last paragraph, I couldn’t piece together the end. 

My mind didn’t want to cooperate with my writing schedule. I went to sleep a tad later than usual and figured I needed a rest to reset my brain.

As I lay down for my rest, I started to semi-meditate. I know, not the proper posture for this sort of thing, but that’s how it happened. I thought maybe an answer would come to me.

“What should I write? What to write?”


I inquired of my mind and kept digging for the answer. For about 20 minutes all I heard was silence, so I let it go. Suddenly a spontaneous thought occurred to me:

“Don’t sleep through life.

Ah! That’s it, that’s it!”


I jumped off the couch. The answer always comes when I release the pressure behind the ask. I thought,

“What an ironic message to receive while trying to rest.”


But the message didn’t have anything to do with sleeping… as in resting during the night sleep. It has to do with what I am doing during my waking hours.


Don’t Sleep Through Life

I keep seeing reoccurrences of the quote:

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.”

I remember several years ago when I was in all-out consumption mode. I read blog posts about how people traveled, watched YouTube videos of people taking the trips I wanted to take, while they also created businesses I wanted to create.

I was all googly-eyed for the things I wanted but I was watching others do them.

At the same time as having all these dreams, some days I was also busy binge-watching Prison Break and Heroes until 3 am. Ask me to write a blog or two during that time instead, and I would’ve suddenly felt a wave of tiredness and fallen right asleep.

There were a couple of feeble attempts to turn things around, but for the most part, life was just happening to me. I was sleeping through it. My dreams were real but dormant.

I can’t point my finger at the exact ‘aha’ moment but by 2016, all the sleepiness was gone. Something in me clicked and I was ready to go get it, whatever it was that I wanted.

It started with finding a remote worker position and that led to the ability to leave my 9–5. I then started homeschooling my oldest and took my youngest out of childcare. Next was a year abroad.


Now I’m at the start of something else new.

If I look at great writers on Medium, like Tom Kuegler, or Nicolas Cole, it doesn’t seem light years away anymore. With some hard work, I know it’s within reach.

And that’s not just for me, it’s within reach for anyone who wants it to be.

The only thing I’ve changed is my mentality. I woke up to the possibilities of creating the life I desired and then took control.

Now I aim to make life happen for me.

If we make the most of life, there’s plenty of time, if not it will pass in the blink of an eye.


Thank you for reading! ❤




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