Episode 001 Conversation on the AI Trilogy “Time” with Hank M. Greene

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When I initially posted my e-mail address inviting people to join me for podcast conversations, I had no expectation one way or the other on receiving replies. I was actually anticipating doing much of the scouting on my own. So the first day when I received two e-mails in reply to my post, I was ecstatic.

One was from my first guest, Hank M. Greene.

When I first started writing on Medium, I didn’t really know what I was doing here, or what would come out of this. I just felt like writing was the thing that had been calling me and IĀ needed to answer.

It was a leap of faith if anything.

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you will sense my uncertainty on the direction I wanted to go next. Nevertheless, I feltĀ writing was going to be the key to unlocking the next steps and in many ways, it has been.

Among other things, writing led me to podcasting and has connected me with the right guests.

During the past few years, I haveĀ becomeĀ increasingly aware that there are no coincidences and that each precise moment leads us to exactly where we are in our path.

That’s a message that is also present throughout my first guest’s novel, “Ten” in his trilogy, “Time.”

In Hank’s series, three seemingly random young adults converge to create the first computer-based awareness system which then grows into a superintelligence.

Though I knew little of AI/superintelligence prior to my conversation with Hank, I was inspired by his passion to get his story out and had to hear more. I learned a lot during this episode and IĀ think you will enjoy Hank’s insightful replies. Special thanks to Hank for being on and thank you if you stopped by to give this a listen.

Without any more delay, here it is:

Episode 001: Conversation on the AI Trilogy “Time” with Hank M. Greene



If you’d like to learn more about Hank, you can:

Follow him on Medium where you can read snippets from his third book, “The Poet” real time.

Visit his googleĀ site where you can download PDF’s of the series with audio available for the first book, “Ten”

Support him on AmazonĀ where the books are available for purchase.


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