Finally Finished Money Master the Game and Opened My Investment Account

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This week, we finally finished “Money Master the Game” by Tony Robbins.

I was listening to the audio version with my 11-year old and it took us a good minute to finish. A few chapters back, Robbins had said something about,

“Okay, go open your investment account!”

I thought I had failed the whole book at that point because my son is looking at me like “Well?” and I’m thinking,

“Open an investment account where?”

But thank goodness Robbins did a recap so I think I got it together. There was a lot of information to digest.

If I don’t know anything else from that book, I know I need to invest in index funds. So when I called the representative today and he asked me what type of account I wanted to open that was pretty much my answer.

Umm.. I just need something where I can invest in index funds.”

I’m used to sounding silly at this point, so it’s basically whatever, but the representative pointed me in the right direction and before writing this I just got finished setting up to have some funds transferred over from my bank account.

As soon as I start putting money towards some index funds and figure out how else I want to diversify, I am going to help my son with his account.

He is still working on his gaming website for homeschool. The site is in rough draft stage right now, so I’ll wait to share it, but the plan is for him to open up a little WooCommerce/Shopify shop with some gaming related products, so he can experiment with creating content, marketing, and selling.

Then eventually he can use some of his own money to invest as well.

Of course, that’s more long-term because these things take a bit to get going.

Investing sounds fast-paced and exciting, but in the beginning, it’s going to be baby steps. I have graduated from essentially no understanding to now a very basic understanding, so I am looking forward to learning more over the upcoming months.


Thank you for reading! ❤



(Disclosure: This does not constitute as financial advice as I am obviously not an expert. This is just my investment journey. )






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