Get Off the Script: A Lesson from My Latest Podcast Session

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The same way I write is the same way I want to podcast.

I know, another podcast post- sorry I keep hanging it out there like a dangling fruit. It’s just what’s going on right now. I will release the first episode on May 7th, after I build a store of 4 or so episodes.

Last night I talked to Maryam Khezerdeh— she’s in the tech industry and is also a writer and podcaster. We had a solid conversation around podcasting and it was interesting talking to someone else who is in the beginning stages like me. Maryam already had two episodes out.

So we had this conversation for about 20 minutes following which we said our “official goodbyes” for the recording. Our conversation didn’t end there though. Once I turned off the recording feature in Zencastr, we proceeded to talk about life and purpose and meaning.

I could have kicked myself in the butt.

Our actual conversation, though slightly less formal, was even better than the podcast conversation. At one point when Maryam was talking, I had to interrupt,

Hold on, I don’t know why I turned these mics off, I need to turn them back on.

So I did, but this time we continued very informally just chatting back and forth without a script.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to hash this all together yet but it certainly made me think more about scripts.

I knew from the beginning that more loose conversations are usually better but when I have the details in front of my face I tend to read them. There’s something to be said about the grit of an unscripted conversation.

Beneath all the formalities is where we really get to the good stuff.

I see that in my writing too.

Sometimes there’s that temptation to say what I think readers want to hear or to write on a certain topic based on what I think readers will like.

But that wouldn’t be true to myself.

My guests were great in both conversations, but on my next podcast, there’s going to be so few bullet points on my end. I want to force myself to get off the script and see where the conversation goes. 

I did say I was only going to write a few sentences today, but instead, I’ve written an entirely new post. Something about my post the other day made me feel like I was cheating my challenge a bit, so I’ve snuck this post in on the drive to our destination. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

Thank you ❤



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