Help! I Have Writer’s Block 🖊 📃

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I’ve been running into a heck of a writer’s block lately.

Whereas before I was pushing out a post in an hour/hour and a half, it is taking me now, sometimes double that and for a shorter post. This has been driving me nuts because my posts have turned into an all-day event.

I’ve been meditating, going for walks, trying to write in a different spot, writing a bit and then coming back later and a few other random things, all of which only works sometimes.

Today, I have two entirely different half-finished posts. One was about Oprah, her movie, The Color Purple and the Law of Attraction and the other about the time I was about to buy a rental property.

For both of them, 1/2 through my story  I completely drew a blank. I couldn’t figure out what point I was even trying to make, so I closed them out and left them in my WordPress drafts for a few hours in hopes that I would miraculously figure out what I was trying to say.

Clearly, I still don’t know, hence this post, my 3rd attempt 😅. Maybe later, I will be able to finish the others into something nice.

It also occurred to me that I am not making effective use of my time.  I have 5 hours of “freedom” from 7pm-12am each evening and this is the time where I am supposed to accomplish the bulk of my work. I was having a discussion earlier today when it came up that 5 hours to complete work is a lot of time.  My initial thought was it is not really a lot of time, but then I realized to the contrary it is.

If I can get my writing in order again, I can go back to finishing almost all my work in the evenings.

It’s funny, a few weeks ago, I just started to think this daily challenge was easy and that I had it under lock.

Oh well..

I will have to sit down and “face the screen” as they say. Maybe coming up with a piece is not as uncontrollable as it’s seemed lately.

Nevertheless, it’s two minutes before the hour mark, so this is where this insanity ends for tonight.


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