How I Found Out Happiness Is a Choice

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Happiness is a choice. 

Today I walked outside and it was thee perfect day.  I was actually curious where everyone was at. I saw a couple walking their dog and someone mowing their lawn, but mostly I saw lots of cars in driveways. The happy feeling I felt today, is how I feel the majority of the time, it’s just extra sweet when the weather is nice.

 A while back I wrote about how life used to feel like winter, a lot. You can read about that here. 

A Sad Friend

Someone recently came to me with some complaints about their life and was feeling bummed out.

I felt empathetic because I hate for someone to feel bad but the thing is my conversations with this person are starting to get slightly awkward.

The majority of the times we talk, they have unfortunate news and a low mood and I feel like I’m running out of things to say. I listen to their story and am like you know, “That really sucks, I’m sorry you’re feeling like that or going through that. Keep hanging in there…”

I don’t always offer advice, because I don’t want to be that annoying positive person when someone just wants to talk, but at the same time, the majority of issues the person is encountering are avoidable.

Anddd they don’t like hearing possible solutions anyway. I’ve tried a few times and have been met with a flood of excuses.

I do get it though because I used to be kind of like that too.

Running with Emotions  

I was trying to figure out what precisely has changed since high school and my early twenties when I was going through my bouts of depression.

The one thing I recognize is I don’t take negative emotions and run with them. Now,  I still feel the emotion- I get angry, sad, stressed, whatever, but it is not all consuming.

Only a couple days ago my day was going great and something messed my vibe up.

Before, I would have never recognized the shift in my emotions, but now I almost always do and ask myself,

“What am I going to do with these feelings?”

The answer for me is to feel them for that moment, find a solution if there is one to be had and then release the feeling so I can continue to go forward.

I never used to want to release the emotion.

If I was sad, I wanted to be in bed all day. If I was angry, it had to be an argument. If I was stressed, someone else felt the brunt of that.

But I got tired of all that because life became unpredictable and I wasn’t making any progress.

Once I realized I could take control, I did, and ever since, I’ve aimed to choose happiness first.


Thank you for reading ❤



*(I realize that some people struggle with severe depression and other mental illnesses. This is just my story of what worked for me and is not intended as medical advice or to be all inclusive.)






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