How I Made A Cool Podcast Animation in After Effects: And Now You Can Too

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I learned how to use Adobe After Effects today.

Okay, I’m not a master but I learned how to animate a photo from Unsplash by adding wave lines to it plus a short audio clip from the podcast.

Two days ago, I wrote a post about how I found a site to do it for me, but the free plan included an unattractive company logo from the site and the paid plan, though inexpensive, would be another subscription to my already bulky list of monthly subscriptions. Since I’m already paying for After Effects, it was also a bit redundant.

There was a tiny learning curve, but I figured it out with the help of this quick YouTube tutorial, the only variation being I added an image to the background.

Here was my result.

The audio does cut off at an awkward spot, but that’s a quick fix for next time.

Overall I’m happy with the result.

Today, this took me about 45 minutes, but once I perfect the template, I’m hoping I can swap out the pic and text in Photoshop and add in the animation within 10–15 minutes tops. I would like to do all my social media work in one day and have everything scheduled to post for the rest of the week.

The awesome thing is I’m already ahead of the game. I have 162 days of posts to repurpose into quotes and 27 podcast episodes that I can cut out key moments and turn into more animated graphics.

Perhaps next year, I will add video to the mix.


One of the purposes of writing this, was to share something that might be useful to others. It’s something that Hank M. Greene also talked about in his post today.

 I’m sure these periodic updates will only get better as things ramp up, but for now this is a great start.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, thanks for reading and I will talk to you on tomorrow’s post!


Thank you

❤ Aleesha

Day 163


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