How I’m Finding a Second Remote Job

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This past week I’ve been on the hunt for a second remote worker position. I already have the one which I’ve been working at for three years, but I would like another to help me reach my goal of traveling abroad.

“Online work from home”

“Remote work from home”

“Accountant remote”

These are the recent search terms saved in my Indeed job search profile.

Before recently, I hadn’t applied to a job for quite some time and I must say the process has improved. I remember the days of submitting my resume only to have to refill the application with my resume information again. I’m happy to see the job boards have managed to get their templates together and everything prefills.

This morning I took a 40 question test for an accounting job. After that, I had to take a 10-minute personality survey for the same position. For fifteen minutes I sat there trying to analyze what they were trying to analyze about me and finally, I just decided to just answer the questions honestly.

I was uncertain about how I performed on any of it, so when the recruiter e-mailed me an hour later, I was slightly surprised. Turns out I do know accounting and I’m not too crazy.

The next step is the official interview. If I get this position, I’ll have something great to thank my degree for.

It just might help me travel the world.

That would be nice.

When I originally filled out my application, it asked the standard,

“What do you think separates you from other candidates?”

In the past, I’ve most assuredly put something like,

“Oh! Wellll…I’m a very driven, dedicated worker, who is a team player and goes above and beyond the call of duty…blah…blah..blah.”

And to be honest, this time I did actually start to write a generic BS answer, but erased it and changed it to something along the lines of,

“I’m living the life I want. In 2016 I boarded a plane with my two children and we lived abroad in Costa Rica for a year. I aspired to broaden our cultural horizons and learn a new language and that’s what we accomplished. When I returned back to the states this year I wanted a new challenge and decided to write every day for a year. Today is Day 213.”

On the app, I had polished it up a bit more but that’s the gist of it.

It’s interesting seeing my approach to this year’s job search versus my approach in my past.

By now, I definitely realize going into an office is not my cup of tea.  If I have to have a job it has to fit my lifestyle.

I want to travel, so I need a remote job that allows me to do that.

I have two kids, so I can’t nor do I want to sit at a desk for 8 hours straight. Flexibility with the days and times I can work is essential.

Years ago I picked the first jobs that would hire me and got stuck in the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Now I use my job as a tool. I can’t hate the job…I have to at least be okay with it…and it has to serve a purpose.

It has to get me from A to B. 

In my case, the goal is to get from the US to my destination abroad.

We’ll see how the interview goes.

And if not this one I have a couple more scheduled for later this week and the next. Now that I’m putting my energies towards this, I know it’s only a matter of time before I find a fit. Overall, I’m just excited to make strides and do what’s necessary to make my dream come true again.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

Day 215




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