How I’ve Managed to Work Smarter Not Harder

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 Two weeks ago, I was contemplating what to do with my podcast because the edits were taking way longer than anticipated.

I got lucky last week and cranked out an edit in one hour. You see, I didn’t want to give the podcast up because it’s so much fun having the conversations but I had to come up with a way to ensure my edit time stayed low. The last episode of my individual podcast will be recorded tomorrow.  As of today, there is a new podcast!

It is part of On the Rise, the new publication Mr. Molly Maguire and I started May 14th. I will be merging my existing episodes and the few edits I have remaining into the new station on iTunes once it’s up.

By now I know you are likely tired of me talking about my daily writing, well…now I have something else to talk about, a daily podcast. Sorry, these daily things are really growing on me… lol

Oddly enough, this change gave me a huge sigh of relief. Boy was I holding onto my old format and Zencastr and trying to make it work, but it was a lot to navigate.

This is simpler.

30 minutes every day on the phone, an awesome co-host and essentially no edits. This solution is giving me more for less. It’s always great when that happens.

I can finally be a part of the ‘Work Smarter Not Harder Crowd’. 

If I think my writing has improved over the past 136 days, I can’t wait to see what happens with my speaking and conversational skills.

Today, we already recorded our first 30-minute episode. Let’s call it a test because we didn’t have anything specific planned and my cell phone mic was crappy. I have it sorted out for tomorrow though and my cohost came up with a pretty dope idea that we can start with.

We’re going to be highlighting the posts from On the Rise’s contributors and using those as a point of conversation. 

You will be able to see all of our latest episodes on our new podcasts page.

By the way, this whole thing is being done on the Anchor app from two people on opposite sides of the globe, which is just cool to think about.

There’s a solution to almost everything.

I’m learning to stop and look for one as soon as a problem arises.

In the case of my podcast, I didn’t even come up with the solution myself. It was through a conversation that the idea arose. So I think it’s really important to collaborate with others and to always try to think of smarter, simpler ways to do things.

Now that I’ve figured a solution to the podcast, I’m going to take a look at some of my other projects and see if there’s a way I can do those smarter too. One thing is for sure, these types of solutions will take perfectionism right out of you. It’s all about execution and executing the smart way.






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