How to Be the Ultimate Winner in Life

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People who win, know that they’re going to win from the start — or at least they’re mostly optimistic about achieving success than they are about failing. –Paul Scott Jr. 

I’ve always known in my gut that I was meant to do something great.

I distinctly remember this feeling at 9 years old; I was sitting in the kitchen babbling off my grand plans to my parents. I was going to travel along the Ivory Coast in a cruise liner to provide a free clinic to those in need.

You couldn’t tell me nothing at that age.

I was that kid pouring out bottles of bathroom soap, tubes of toothpaste and lord know what else, mixing it all together, trying to create the world’s greatest science experiment.

Kids think the “impossible” is possible.

Near every kid I’ve known has been ambitious and curious about the world.

I used to wonder what it would feel like to fly like a bird and swim to the depths of the sea.

But somebody else had already wondered that too and created planes and submarines.  Those people didn’t accept impossible as an answer. They were once kids with big dreams too and instead of letting their dreams fizzle out, they worked toward them and won.

 Today, Jordan Gross wrote,

No goal is unrealistic. But goals vary in the amount of time, the amount of effort, and the process it is going to take to achieve them.


It’s a word I struggle to use, along with impractical, impossible and implausible.

If we go around thinking our dreams in life are unreal, then that’s what they will always be. We manifest what we believe and our life is a reflection of our inner dialogue.

So I’m not judging what can or cannot be. I am just believing it is and will be.

Everything takes patience.

As Jordan said, goals vary in the amount of time, effort, and the process it takes to achieve them.

I want to write an amazing book one day-it’s something that’s on my vision board. These little daily posts are going to help me get there. The feedback I get, the discipline I’m developing and the desire I have to succeed are all going to be factors that help me write my book.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, they were laying bricks every hour. 

That is how we win, by laying bricks every hour, by executing and focusing on the small steps that will lead to the bigger prize.

Even if we’re not winning yet, we have to know we’re going to win. It has to be at the core of who we are.

Keep dreaming, keep believing and lay those bricks.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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