How to Not Butcher a Job Interview: Come Prepared with Relevant Answers

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There’s always that one question on a job interview that gets me.

I just finished a 45-minute conversation with a recruiter from the bookkeeping company I took a test for yesterday.

He had asked me for a specific scenario when I went above and beyond and made a customer over the top happy. Initially, I had several perfect scenarios ready from my customer service days but when I started to present one, the recruiter politely interjected and said those were great but for his notes, he needed an example from one of my bookkeeping clients.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly drew a blank.

First I was irritated with myself, like,

“Duh, why didn’t you think to have bookkeeping examples ready?”

…And then I was racking my brain. I mean surely I made some of my bookkeeping clients happy. We always had nice little chats about life… family… how business was going...

As the silence became almost awkward, I finally recollected some more specific interactions,

“Ahhh yes! There was the time a client was 5 years behind on tax returns. He was stressed and unorganized and having trouble getting us the documents we needed. I drove down to his office and spent half the day helping him to unlock his bank accounts and inventory all of his stuff. By the time I was done, he asked if he could hire me for some other administrative work.”

Fortunately, that answer seemed to make the cut.

I even got a little chuckle at the end when I mentioned the client wanted to hire me independently of the accounting practice.

We discussed the number of clients I would have to take on and at the end, he said he would be running my application by the franchises to see who would be a fit. If I make the cut there are 1-2 more interviews. He said I should hear back from him in the next couple of days.

I have to say, the interview took a lot of me.

I sat down afterward too tense to start my other work. As I was mulling over why didn’t I answer this like this or that like that, I realized it doesn’t matter. It’s over, just like that it’s already in the past.

The recruiter will call me or… maybe he won’t. All I can do is send in my follow-up “Thank you” e-mail and hope for the best.

One way or other…this job or another.. I know I’m going to find something that fits. The search for the “right” thing is a part of the journey, so I’m going to keep trekking until I find exactly what I want.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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