I Can Finally Say I Formed a New Habit

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Today, I was excited to write my post. For the first time, it set in that I actually enjoy this. I like writing every day. I guess I’ve formed a new habit.

They say it takes 21 days to form one right?

I used to think that after 21 days, there was some sort of magical thing that was going to carry my habit through life.

I remember the 3 months leading up to my trip abroad, I had a certain routine:


Protein smoothie

Run hills



Vision board


I was religious about this. I ran hills regardless if it was sunny out, rainy, chilly or warm. I was determined and dedicated to my commitment. There was no way I was missing a day.

But something happened when I moved to Costa Rica, I went lax. The same hill wasn’t there to run and even though I said I would find another, I never did. I got too comfortable.

It was then I realized it wasn’t only doing something 21 days that made it stick, it was mindset too. The 21 days just built the momentum to tell my mind, “I can do this, I must do this.”

Now I’m exercising again because it’s something I must do.


My water habit was the easiest one to create. I don’t even have to work at that anymore.

This habit started over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my second son. I was a teen with my first pregnancy and teenage me wasn’t thinking about healthy eating. The second pregnancy was a 180 switch.

One day I decided no more juice and cut it out completely. It was hard at first and I craved the sugar but 4 years later, it’s nothing. I only drink water(and green tea). It’s cemented in me.

My kids do the same. I find it amusing when my youngest asks me,

 “Mommy can I have some water please?!”

 I’m like,

“Of course, I’m glad you’re so excited about water.”

Writing everyday is not so easy, but by now I’m pretty certain I won’t skip a day. Even when my day isn’t all peaches and cream, I still know there will be a post. As a matter of a fact on those days, I write even earlier to ensure it’s complete.

I love these good habits, they add a certain feeling of accomplishment to life. It’s important to have these mini successes on the way to the big one.


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