I Just Realized I’m Moderately Unorganized: Here’s What I’m Doing to Fix It

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When it comes to my newest endeavors, organization isn’t my strongest suit. But it needs to be and I think I’m starting to get a grasp.

First of all, on my Medium posts, I’m behind on my replies to comments and I don’t like that because I’m really appreciative to have anyone take the time to reply to my posts. It’s not like I even have millions to sort through but somehow I still managed to dig myself into a little hole. If you see an oddly late reply, it’s just me catching up.

Before I started these additional online endeavors, my schedule was basic. It was the same two major tasks almost every day.

  1. Home school 

2. Part-time online job

If something additional came up, I just committed it to memory.

Now, I am having to make some serious use of my calendar and to-do list because I cannot remember these extra tasks for the life of me. I have another podcast interview tonight and I completely forgot to e-mail the instructions on how to access our chat room until yesterday.  I was also a week late on an e-mail response to an e-mail it seemed I received only two days ago. I kept saying I would respond, but the time escaped me.

It’s all due to me trying to catalog these reminders in my brain, but my brain is not cooperating. So I’ve made some changes.

I’m trying to reply immediately to pressing e-mails. Sometimes, I delay e-mail responses for no reason at all. Maybe I’m contemplating a response, who knows. But it’s much better to tackle it right then and there so that someone is not waiting for my reply.

In addition to that, my everyday to-do lists now include:

Exercise (1 hour)

Regular work (3 hours)

Write an article (2 hours)

Unfollow on Instagram (more on this in a future post) (30 min)

Reply to comments (1 hour)

Podcast edits (1 hour)

Thankfully I still remember to shower, feed the kids, and homeschool but if I didn’t I would have to add those too lol. In addition to the regular to-do items, if I have an interview or something else to attend to, I’m adding it to both my to-do’s and my calendar so I don’t forget.

This is not a complaint by any means, just a realization that I as I am adding more to my plate, I need to get more organized. My old ways aren’t going to cut it.

I love that my time is filled with these activities-it makes me feel like I am making progress and I’m starting to see the bigger picture coming together.

In addition to that, there’s nothing like having a list full of checks at the end of the day.

Thank you for reading ❤



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