I Love My Alone Time but Being Around People is Cool Too

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My most popular post on Medium to this day is “This Introvert is Over It.”

For a lot of you, that may have been your introduction to me as a writer on Medium. It was actually one of my more uncomfortable posts to write because I was calling myself out on my introverted B.S.. For the majority of my life, I have used my love for aloneness as an excuse to not interact with people.

When I was in high school I rarely raised my hand to participate. Everything on my report card was up to par except for my class participation points.

“Would love if Aleesha participated more in class,” the teacher comments would read.

I remember kind of wishing I would participate more, but I had a stronger desire to maintain my solitude.

And then there was the infamous, “Are you shy?” question.

I was never a shy introvert though.

I remember one time having a group project–one of the girls in my group and I were conversing and she was shocked by my bubbly personality. After that the next time someone asked me if I was shy, she had piped in and said,

“No, she’s not shy at all!”

“Thanks Julie,” I had laughed.

Being an introvert even backfired on me at a job one time.

I had applied to be an administrative assistant and during the interview, I was very animated. They hired me on the spot. The following weeks they were confused when I had retreated into my shell and kept to myself just doing my work. One of the hiring managers had even asked me what had happened and I barely knew what she was talking about.

The majority of my life I have noticed this difference between myself and what seemed like everyone else and I didn’t like the way it made me feel. So that’s why I originally wrote, “This Introvert is Over It.” It was my announcement that I was going to stop using  “being an introvert” as an excuse to not interact with the world.

Because yeah, I do like my time to myself, but connecting with people is one of the best things in life. I learned that through my year abroad, through writing on Medium and doing my podcast. These experiences have changed me and caused me to approach my interactions differently.

It’s all about balance.

Now when I tell people I am an introvert, they are usually surprised. I think I’ve finally figured this thing out.

It’s okay to enjoy my solitude, but I definitely have enough, to give up some and meet the amazing people in this world.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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