I Unblocked My Writer’s Block-It’s Not What I Thought It Was

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I just completed my monthly phone chat with one of my friends from Medium.

I’ve figured out why I had writer’s block.

At first, I said to myself it was because the challenge had become too easy and I was becoming bored. But that’s not the case. The challenge was getting easy, but I wasn’t bored. I still like writing- I love it.

My friend asked me was there anything in my life that could possibly be contributing to my block. I admit, that question made me feel super vulnerable for a second, but it was a great question.

I mentioned it was a bummer it had been raining a lot and I haven’t been able to go outdoors and do the photoshoot for my company. Was that it?

No, it wasn’t, that was just one of those things…

So what was the source of the block?


Breaking Old Patterns

I watched a video the other day, where the speaker said,  if you want to change the patterns of things in your life, you have to break old associations.

I’ll let you in on a secret- sometimes my purpose scares me.

I asked for something recently and when it started to happen it freaked me out a little. It makes me nervous when the things that I want, come easy.

Yeah, I guess I’m an oddball like that.

And don’t get me wrong, I am in a happy place in my life, but I am also in a transitional phase, where things are getting even better.

The crazy part is half of me is trying to pump the brakes while the other part of me is pumping the gas.

That doesn’t work too well, does it?

As a result of this, I got stuck mentally and it affected my writing.

When I’m stuck in my mind, I also get stuck on paper or in this case the screen.


I think I knew why I was having writer’s block all along. I just didn’t want the reason to come to the surface.


I Know What I Have to Do

Two days ago, I started to reread one of my favorite books, “The Master Key System,”  by Charles F. Haanel.

This book always helps me to direct my thoughts in a productive manner.

I have to stop over questioning and analyzing the things in my life, especially when they’re the things I want to have happen.

Embracing the good and allowing it in is always better than making it squeeze through a tiny crack while also attempting to hold the door shut.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but I think I’m over my writer’s block now.

It’s good to finally have a peace of mind.


Thank you for reading ❤


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