I Want to Achieve Excellence in Everything I Do

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“1% better.”

As I was walking down the sidewalk, I passed a woman wearing a white T-shirt with the phrase written in bright red lettering.

I thought about it and cataloged it in the back of my brain for future pondering.

“What can I do to get 1% better every day?”

Today, was the 3rd episode of On the Rise’s daily podcast.

The first day I was feeling meh; the second day I was feeling pretty good and today was the best day so far. Today, we discussed Christine Bradstreet’s post about aging and had a relatively good conversation on the fly.

Just like I said, I’ve posted the conversation, as it was, flaws and all.

Every evening after the recording is done, I think about what I can improve upon for the next episode. For example: not talking over my cohost or not saying, “um” or adding more insightful discussion points to the conversation.

Each day we are improving in some way and soon enough we’ll find our cadence.

“We all have to start somewhere.”

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to interview Vicky Joseph who is a speaker, actress and communication consultant.

After we had finished the recording, we briefly chit-chatted about how Vicky found me on Medium. When I had asked her about which of my posts she had read, she told me and also shared that she enjoyed my writing because she felt like she was right there on the journey with me.

I was, of course, flattered by her comment and also happy to hear her perspective because you never know what people are thinking when they read your work.

We then went on to discuss how important it is to share the journey partly because when you “make it” and some think it was a piece of cake, you can refer them back to square one.

Like, “Make sure you check out that first post on Medium, that was a struggle” or “Check out that first podcast episode when it sounded like I was underwater”…

There’s a process in getting to where we want to go and there’s beauty in sharing it.

I think everyone should document their journey in some way.

“I want to achieve excellence in everything I do.”

I had asked a friend of mine what their goal was and had expected one, two or maybe even three solid singular goals but they went way deep.

I was taken aback for a moment. 

“You want to be excellent in everything you do??” I responded.

“Yes,” they said and as they went into further detail, I then realized that it was my goal too. I never thought about it like that though.

Life is about so many things but on the top of my list is living life to the fullest by becoming the best and highest expression of myself.

To me, that is so much of the journey.

It’s those little things like improving 1% each day or committing to daily challenges or pushing myself a little beyond my comfort zone that all lead to excellence and becoming the best me I can be.



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