If We’re Not Ready, We Can Destroy the Things We Want

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Lately, I’ve been having a great feeling about everything. I was trying to pinpoint the source of it this morning.

Well, for one thing I am on day 14 of the affirmations I wrote about, so that’s a part of it.

But I think it’s bigger than even that.

The more and more I continue on this daily writing challenge, the more I realize the things we do can change our lives forever.


Just today, my first podcast guest Hank M. Greene, submitted an amazing personal story to On the Rise, our new publication. To be honest, I could tell Hank was a pretty awesome individual from our phone conversation, but I would never have imagined his story.

Our story can make or break us. 

Hank made his story into something great.

A lot of life is making decisions.

At first, I made a lot of wrong ones, but as I talked to my good friend, MR. Molly Maguire, today, we acknowledged we cannot avoid all of those wrongs decisions.

In the beginning, we make a lot of them because we need to.

We need the lessons, we need the heartbreak, the pain, the embarrassment, the failure… 

We need all of it.

After a while, we make so many poor choices, that most of us start searching for what is right and what is good in this world.

And one day…

Things. Start. To. Click.

Like me, making a decision to start writing on Medium every day, on my 30th birthday.

I remember the beginning of this challenge, I didn’t know why I was even doing it. I just kept saying,

“I’m going to write and trust the process”. 

Some of the ‘why’ has recently become apparent but I’m sure there’s much more of it that hasn’t yet unfolded.

When I was younger, I wanted things quickly.

Snappity snap… 

The perfect relationship, a lot of money, my whole life path already unfolded and ready for me to walk right into…

But now… I’m learning patience.

The good things that we long for in life, well we can destroy them if we’re not ready for them.

So I’m not in the mind to have regrets or to dwell upon the things I could have changed because those things were necessary to bring me to this point.

We have to be ready for the good in order to receive it. 

The things I want I respect them now.

I realize there is a process.

It’s funny, as much as I used to rush and try to run before I crawled, now the opposite is true. Sometimes I’m scared to stop crawling, even when it’s time to walk.

The universe always gives you what you deserve. 

That is not my line, but I love it.

It’s something I have to be especially mindful of now, to not pump the brakes when the things I’m working towards start to happen.

Lastly, I have to stay ready.

This is a life-long journey.

Just because I achieve something doesn’t mean the whole gig is up. As long as I’m able to, I’m going to keep trying to level-up.

Thank you for reading!  ❤


Day 136


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