If You Control Your Thoughts You Can Control Your Outcome

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I’ve been doing affirmations for the past 6 days. Every morning I wake up and write the same line 15 times.

“I, Aleesha Lauray, am a sovereign individual….

I, Aleesha Lauray, am a sovereign individual…

I, Aleesha Lauray, am a sovereign individual…”

And after I write this all out on paper, I say it out loud 15 times.

I’ve done it before… affirmations, gratitudes, vision boards, meditations- all the things focused on attracting the things I desire. At a certain point, some of the things happened: my year-long trip abroad, improved family relationships, health and wellness goals…

Of course, this all had me feeling pretty great, but as a result of being in such a good place, I also got a little lax with practicing the things that got me to there.

So I’m finally getting back on track starting with these daily affirmations.

My good friend actually gave me the line about being a sovereign individual; he said he wrote it down every day for 10 weeks and had an amazing result.

At first, I didn’t even realize the depth of what it meant. In my mind, sovereignty had to do with a powerful reign of kings and queens over a kingdom, but that wasn’t nearly it.

In this context, it’s all about living life on your own terms and being the master of your own destiny.

That pretty much sums up what I’m trying to do, so the line stuck.

I’ve already found myself in an improved mental state from 6 days of doing this.

Most conditions in our life are the way they are because we deemed them to be so.

Last week, I wrote a post about unblocking the writer’s block I had been experiencing. For the two weeks prior, every time I sat down I thought about the block. I felt like I could literally see it in my mind and was fighting it to get through every piece I wrote.

I was able to figure out why the whole thing started, but other than that, what really helped me was when I released the thought, “I have writer’s block.”

The condition was prolonged because I was focusing on destructive thoughts,

“I don’t know what to write. How am I going to get this piece out tonight.. I have writer’s block”

But thoughts are thoughts and they can be released at will.

Every day this week I have thought,

“I have something great to write, I can’t wait to write my piece.”

And the piece has come without struggle.

Today and yesterday I have worked on my writing even while doing my other work.

I have gotten myself on a plane to live abroad within 3 months and on the other end of the spectrum, I wound up with an avoidable writer’s block.

It all goes to show, how important it is to take control of the mind and I suppose that’s first things first on the way to becoming a sovereign individual.















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