I’m an Aspiring Photographer (A Few Cool Pics I Took Inside)

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Today, I was hoping to have talked about how I managed to do an amazing photoshoot for Lauray Co., but mother nature gave me rainy skies this afternoon.

It’s okay though because I still got everything I needed for the shoot so I’m prepared for next time.

The plan is to go down to a field of an old Native American Tower and take a few good pictures with the tower as a backdrop and then possibly head over to a park with some waterfalls and get some pics there.

The second time I restarted my company, I hired a professional photographer. This time, I decided to take the pics myself. I don’t have any professional photography experience but I’ve always been interested in photography and videography as another creative outlet and I think this will be a fun project.

Yesterday, I talked about my sis bringing the camera I wanted to Costa Rica. This was a big deal to me because my camera is my favorite purchase ever. It helped me to get out of my comfort zone and start a YouTube channel, something I said I would never do in the past.

The first two videos I made I never published but by the third, I had enough confidence to post. I still need to learn about lighting and editing and all of those specifics but those things will come with time.

I’m okay with doing this particular photoshoot for our company because it seems nowadays it’s easy to get halfway decent cell phone shots, I’m crossing my fingers that with my camera it won’t be too complicated.

Here are a few pics I took during my time in Costa Rica:


A friend was just talking to me today about how important it is to continue to learn new skills because you never know when they may come in handy.

I believe that too.

I do a lot of random stuff that isn’t necessarily connected right now but I feel like each one will find its purpose and one day maybe they will all converge.

I may not have accomplished exactly what I wanted today, but I’m still grateful, it was still a great day and now I’m about to knock out some podcast editing for the rest of the evening. Next week I hope to share some photos from our shoot. I will talk to you on the next post! =)






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