I’m on a Bit of a Friendship Hiatus

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I only have a few friends I’m close-ish with but I haven’t gone out with them much in the past few months.

Our little hangouts can get carried away real fast and it can be a bit of distraction. This year, I’ve really just been focused on building my own thing.

Sunday, I exchanged Happy Mother’s Day wishes with one friend whom I’m pretty sure thinks I’m in still in Costa Rica.

I’m oddly okay with that… but at the same time, I do feel a little bad. And writing this just reminded me to pause and go into Facebook to respond to 4 unread messages.

Friendships can be a little demanding sometimes.

My sis and I occasionally go on about how we would like to take a mid-year trip to an island somewhere. But then we realize our shipment of headbands will be here in two weeks and then we’re really going to pick up gears for our business.

Next year will be the time we scratch the travel itch again. This year we are focusing on building the foundation for success.

 I knew that at the beginning of this year.
I knew I would have to be 100% okay with short-term sacrifices to lead toward long-term gains.

There’s always going to be things pulling in opposite directions and wanting a piece of time, but I can only answer to so many of them at once.

Discipline has been huge for me this year.

Other than the obvious things I do to take care of myself on a regular basis, I’ve never done something daily, like this writing challenge, for quite so long.

In fact, in the past, I’ve been so anti-schedule and anti doing the same thing every day, you wouldn’t believe it. Schedules and daily routines felt like a control over my life that I wanted to shake, but I’ve quickly learned that if I don’t put the control there, I will have no control.

Discipline has reigned in the chaos and allowed me to get some much needed direction in my life.

I think my friends understand why I’m somewhat M.I.A. this year, I mean I have explained it. Sometimes we need to take that much needed time to focus on ourselves. Next year, is just around the corner.


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