I’m Relaunching My Brand with My Sisters and I Already Got us in Instagram Jail

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Today, I had a meeting with my two sisters. 

This is probably the 6th we’ve had since restarting the company. Right now it seems as if everything is moving slow, but I’m learning sometimes I need to be the turtle and not the hare.

The first few weeks were spent unfollowing everyone on our Instagram account. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we were following a lot of people, upwards of 7,000.

We agreed to do 200 unfollows each a day and one day I decided to push the limit and do more. I just wanted to hurry and get our following count down.  

I wound up getting us in Instagram jail and we were blocked from unfollowing for 3 days.

My sisters didn’t press me, but I know on the inside they were definitely like,

“Dude, chill WTF.”

I got ahead of myself and I had to apologize.

I admit I can definitely get impatient and go at things full throttle when sometimes it’s required to take a step back and slow down.


The Follow for Follow Hack

Many people have heard of follow for a follow and it definitely works. 

The second time I re-upped the business in 2016, this is what we did.

We were semi-aggressively following the followers of one of our competitors. They sell a different style of headbands and they have a ton of followers (like 180,000). Their followers were already open to our product and would follow our page and immediately buy a headband.

In addition to that, we gave away free products every week so our engagement was high.

The problem was I didn’t like the method. It didn’t feel quite right.

Though nobody said anything, it was quite obvious what we were doing as our followers kept increasing and the number we were following kept going from 5,000 to 0 every couple of weeks.

I know this is a commonly used practice, but I want to try something different this go around.

We’ll be trying a strategy I learned from Gary Vee. I’ll talk about it more in a few weeks when our new headbands arrive and we start implementing the strategy.

“Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork”

(The corny saying that I love)

One member of our team was slacking for a few days and we had to convene and have a little motivational pow-wow.

No one’s breathing down your neck when you’re not in a traditional job setting.

Everything is self-driven.

Though my sisters and I have to hold each other to account, everyone has to individually make sure they’re holding up their end.

Sometimes that part takes some getting used to. Especially when all you’re used to is working a normal job.

When there’s a paycheck at the end of the week, it’s easy to be driven to get the work done. When there’s no paycheck and a lot of work to be done, something else has to be the drive.

For one sis this drive is a celebratory trip abroad once we reach a certain goal. For the other, we’re still working on that driving factor.

For me, I just want to be able to transition out of this remote job I have and be able to travel the world with my kids.

I want more it to be more than just selling headbands- I want to build an inspirational brand

Okay, so first of all, headbands are just the start. We definitely want to get into clothing and other items but we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

Patience, right? 

Another reason why I lost passion for the company before was that I was lacking a clear mission. I wanted it to be more than just an exchange of money for a cute product.

I wanted to provide something exciting and motivational. 

I was having trouble meshing selling headbands into being an inspirational brand. We were throwing all kinds of things at the wall to try to create this sort of brand message, but some of it didn’t quite work.

At one point we were doing musical Mondays and having singers sing while wearing the headbands. The singers were great and those videos got some views, but it didn’t quite fit.

So one thing on the top of our priority list right now is creating a unifying mission and story for our company.


How do Medium and my Podcast fit into all of this?

I haven’t completely figured that part out. I have an idea, but it’s going to require me to be more focused on the type of content I create.

Last week I was talking to Brian Tobias, who is a lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. I was discussing how I started with no niche because I wanted to stop making excuses and just start. He was explaining how, when his content was going from food to entrepreneurship to fitness, it confused his audience a bit and as a result, he now just focuses on entrepreneurship.

I totally get what he was saying, a niche is more powerful. My podcast will be easy for me to fit into the inspirational niche. But I know how I am with my writing and it’s going to rebel against this niche plan.

For the moment I’m not going to stress it.

There are a lot of steps but the fun part is building and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Thank you for reading ❤





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