Is Age Just a Number?

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The other day I was around a group of twenty-year-olds… early twenties. I could have sworn we were all the same age until I was like,

“Wow, girl, we are not 20 anymore.”

Where did all the time go?

I remember reaching my mid-twenties and feeling like those in their 40’s and 50’s finally acknowledged me as a person. I was coming out of the awkward stage where I was like should I still be calling every adult “Mrs. so and so”  or “Mr. so and so.” People were starting to say,

“Stop calling me that, you’re making me feel old.” 

After my mid-twenties, it seemed like all the ages started to converge. Sure, some had a few grey hairs and wrinkles but I still saw the same twinkle in their eye when they laughed and it made them seem youthful.

There was also the moment when I realized my parents weren’t perfect infallible people. That moment was big.

I love them dearly but I was giving them serious side eye after that.

“You mean you guys were pretending you didn’t do some of the things you were on my case about?…” 

When I was younger I hated the word “old”.

I still don’t say my grandpop is old and he’s in his eighties. Yeah, he’s kinda been around the block a few times, but I don’t know he still has that youthful fight in him.

The other day, he was complaining about the ladies hitting on him in the senior citizens home.

He had me cracking up.

He’s one of the few men there and he walks out the basement door to avoid them.

When he goes to church on Sundays he swears one of the ladies keeps scooching closer to him. I’ll say,

“Uh-oh Pop-pop! Go on and say hello.”

He’ll laugh, shoo me away with his hand and say,

“No girl, I’m not interested in all that at this age.”

Older and Wiser

Some people grow older and wiser from experiences, some never really change.

The wiser ones I try to listen to them now. When I was younger, I was like,

“Yeah… no… I’m still going to do it my way.”

And we need to do it our own way sometimes… fall on our face, get back up and maybe listen to a thing or two… occasionally. Especially when it came to dating; I should have taken some dating advice from my elders back in the day.

In a sense, I still feel like the same girl I was at 9. No longer angry, more free, and with a few lessons under my belt, but it’s still me.

I hope that things only continue to get better with age. 


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