Just Pulled An-All Nighter-But This Time I’m Happy I Did

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I’ve been editing my podcast bit by bit over the weeks, but along with restarting my company, writing on Medium and life, I just didn’t get it completely finished.

Last night, I felt like I was in high school again, waiting until the night before the due date to cram in a 20-page term paper, except for this time I had at least a little bit done. I almost decided to call it a night before I finished, but I knew I would be disappointed the next day if I didn’t have my episode done.

It was worth the loss of sleep this time but next time I need a new plan.

Tomorrow I will write up a “proper post” for the episode.

As I was just staring squinty eyed into my space, my oldest son asked me,

“Are you tired? You can use one of my posts if you like.” 

I really was tempted. I actually asked him what about, but it was the same old..video games. 

“It’s okay, but thanks.”

I told him.

But if you guys ever want to hear about video games let me know because I might use one of his freebie offers lol.

This post sounds might sound like a bit of a bummer but in actuality, I had a great day. I started off by accomplishing what I wanted and then everything else went perfectly too. My kids didn’t test my patience, the weather was nice, I had a nice conversation and I’m finishing up my daily writing.

I hope you don’t mind though, I’m going to end this post here. I’m going to head off to bed now so that I can be a functioning human being tomorrow. 😀


Thank you for reading ❤






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