Life Is Too Short, Be Happy

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It’s interesting to look back at certain situations in my life and finally be able to have objectivity.

Yesterday, my sis called and we had to laugh about a point in my life when I just couldn’t seem to overcome a certain situation. Looking back, the obstacle seems like nothing and I question,

“Why did I make that so hard on myself?”

The question of the ages.

Of course, it was grace that carried me through all my stumbling blocks and one day I tripped into a discovery of a greater purpose.

The year before last, I made a silent vow to myself to only do things which brought happiness to my life.

That was a little rocky at first because I had a little trouble separating the things that brought me happiness and the things that needed the boot. In the past, I’ve been good at tricking myself into thinking something made me happy when it really did not. But bit by bit I’ve started to figure myself out.

The first thing to take the boot was my career on paper, next, some material things, and finally some toxic relationships.

This all happened over the course of last year and even early this year.

Once I freed myself from all of those negative attachments, I had room to fill with the things I love. And love is where the real journey begins.

I want to always love what I do.

It’s become my mantra because life is short...

We hear it everywhere…you only live once, live like there’s no tomorrow, cherish each moment, c’est la vie…

It was even the topic of discussion in today’s podcast.

I’ve never had a more sobering thought than the fact that the majority of the stuff I worry about doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t.

Two days ago was my grandfather’s birthday. I was running behind schedule and scrapped my plans to do some of the work I needed to catch up on. Normally that kind of thing would stress me out, but this time it didn’t.

The only thing that mattered was being there for his birthday. It made him happy, it made me happy. Everything else adjusts.

It always works out.

I’ve found that to be a great mindset to have because it brings me back to the moment and reminds me to enjoy it. I’ve found my happiness and I plan on keeping my vow to myself.

Life is good because I make it to be.


Thanks for reading ❤


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