Live for Each Day, Not Just for the Weekend

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I’ve been working from home for about two years now and it’s been an absolute contrast from going into the office.

Today is, of course, Saturday but I woke up thinking it was Friday. I had opened my eyes and slowly registered this information as the sleepy fog cleared from my brain.

Two years ago, I would have never lost track of time. Each day had its own meaning.

Monday and Friday were the most significant.

Mondays because I’d grown to hate them. They were the worst. The weekend was over and my alarm clock was LOUD. After hitting snooze four or five times, I was awake, staring at the ceiling of my bedroom.

“Should I just quit, like right now… hand in my resignation?”

That was my thought on Mondays, but nevertheless, I slowly got up and readied myself for work.

Fridays were always “TGIF”. Occasionally there was a celebratory work party and maybe it was dress down day. In the group chat at work, my coworkers would shoot around GIFs of smiling suns and rainbows. Everyone was living for the weekend.

It meant freedom, family, and fun.

As soon as the clock hit 5, it was a race to the parking lot. I promise you I was the first one to my car.

Holidays were even better. Sometimes we got two days off and if it fell on a weekend, that meant almost a week off of work.

Then there were the days I. just. couldn’t. do. it.

Like my first “real” job, when I was on the verge of quitting. Some days I woke up trying to think of a legitimate excuse to call in sick. But the only thing I was sick of was my job and I couldn’t bring myself to say that. So I thought of other creative things to say.

Like the time I called my manager and told her I couldn’t make it because my pet bird had died. It was true, my parakeet had passed away,  but it had happened nearly a month ago.

She was like

“…Oh… okay??…Sorry to hear about your bird.”

That one felt a little silly.

And then there were the days I had a little sniffle and was like,

“Yeah, nope, don’t think I can make it in today.”

Clearly, I was doing something wrong.

Work shouldn’t be dreaded and life shouldn’t only be about the weekend.

A couple of years ago, when I changed things around and started working from home, I knew I was taking a drastic pay cut and would maybe need to work harder than before. I’m in the process of turning around the pay cut part, but I’ve never regretted my decision to leave the office.

The contractor position that I have, I can work whenever. There’s a certain feeling of freedom in that. One day I want to be completely free and not have to work. At that point, I know I will probably still work, but there’s something about knowing and feeling I’m free that makes life all the more sweeter. And there’s something about looking forward to each day that makes life all the better.


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