My 11-Year-Old Started Writing Daily Too

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It was my brilliant idea to take my oldest son to the last showing of Black Panther last night. It was his 11th birthday and we left the theater at nearly 1 am.

I am extremely tired and sluggish this morning, but a nice cup of coffee is about to save face for birthday number 2 for my 4-year old today.

My oldest loves video games– I suppose that’s pretty normal for this age. I liked them too, at 11. Nintendo 64 and the Mario game where you rescue Princess Peaches from the castle, that was my game back in the day.

I used to be so good at it.

Now I am bad at video games. I don’t even like playing them anymore but I do it for my kids lol.

Yesterday was probably the 5th time my son had to explain the instructions for Minecraft to me.

“Mommy, remember to lay the bricks you press LT.”

He is sighing and slightly exasperated while I’m laying bricks 1 per every 30 seconds. I kept asking him how he was laying them so fast but I guess that was privy information.

Anyway, I am super proud of him. As you might know by now, I homeschool the kiddos.

A few weeks ago, I told the oldest we would purchase a domain name so he can build his own WordPress website. When I asked him what he wanted to blog about, he told me video games. At first, I was thinking I’d really prefer he pick a different category, but I was like, you know what, if he gets better with writing because he’s writing about something he likes, than so be it.

There’s still only an hour a day of gameplay.

He hasn’t finished building the site yet, but ever since last month, when I told him he could start, he has been writing 1 post a day about video games. He’s been writing up his drafts on his tablet and saving them to Medium so we can edit them together.

I have not given him any requirement in terms of writing for the site. Honestly, we already cover writing during our regular homeschool lessons. But still, he committed himself to writing daily. The one night when it was time for bed, he said,

“Oh wait! Mommy, I didn’t write my post for the day, can I write it quick?”

I’m like, 

“It’s already past your bedtime…”


“Please Mommy, I’ll be quick.”


“15 minutes Marquis.”


He does a quick paragraph and excitedly shows me what he writes. I tell him what a great job he’s done and we say our good nights.

He’s so proud of his posts and he’s been sending links to his drafts to all our fam.

Funny thing is, I know he’s writing these posts daily because he’s watching me write daily. It gets me in the feels sometimes. It wasn’t even something I was thinking about when I started this challenge…my kids watching me. But they are. It keeps me mindful of what a privilege it is to be a parent and how important it is to strive to be better.

Kids are always watching and how I am is a large part of who my kids will become.

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