My Best Friends Come from Around the World

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Right now I’m listening to my son jabbering away in Spanish to his best friend about a game they’re playing. It puts a smile on my face to hear him speaking in another language.

In my life, the best of friendships have always crossed language and cultural barriers. I unexpectedly video chatted a friend from Costa Rica today. She was asking me about the school year in the US and was surprised my oldest had already finished the 5th grade since they’re not out of school until November in CR.

She was trying to tell me it was great he had already completed the year and it suddenly became a complicated dialogue of me saying, “No entiendo” (I don’t understand) and her reiterating what she said. Finally, she says loudly in English “Good!” and I laugh because finally, the whole sentence comes together.

I’m always amazed how it’s possible for friendships like this to exist. Having to overcome language barriers and people being loving and caring enough to stick with me through it.

I once had a roommate from China.

She came to the US to participate in a fellowship program and didn’t know any English when she arrived. When we met, though she knew more, our conversations were still a struggle. We used to have dinner parties where we would alternate between cooking American and Chinese cuisine. She even helped me when I first started my accessories business on Etsy.

It’s always the friendships that I’ve had to work for that have become the strongest connections.

Through Medium I’ve made friends in Europe, Canada and other states within the US.

I appreciate the diversity in my friendship bunch and my definition of friendship has evolved since I’ve written about it in the past. I’ve let go of my old beliefs about friendship and have truly come to appreciate the deep connections I have with people around the world.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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