My Sis is My BFF

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I’ve been trying to get going quicker in the morning but usually, I’ll get a phone call just as I’m about to workout or eat breakfast and then an hour later my day actually begins.

Today, my sis video called me and as usual, I couldn’t resist answering. Fortunately, it wasn’t our usual counterproductive but fun call.

This is the sis who’s 27, and is always saying half-nice things.

“You’re teeth are so nice…they actually kinda look like dentures”

and the latest,

“You look great today, you know what, you look like a mom, a 30-year-old mom.”

And just now, I told her I am writing about her and she said,

“Where’s my rough draft? You can say how beautiful I am too.” 

🙄  Smh I cannot with her. Are your siblings like this? 

So anyway, back to this morning,  she was in the middle of a workout, and I was about to do my workout so we just did our workouts together. There’s nothing like struggling through minute-long planks face to face with your sis on video chat. I think we decided to make this a daily thing now, which is cool.

I used to say I was going to have a bunch of kids just so they could have the same great relationship but I only have so much control over my kids getting along.

Sometimes my sis is all the way nice.

Like the time she smuggled a camera from Puerto Rico to Costa Rica for me. The price of some electronics are way high in CR, and last second I had her ubering around Puerto Rico to the nearest Best Buy to get the camera I wanted right before her flight down to come see me.

That’s some real sis love.

We usually find ourselves at similar stages in our path. Two months after I went to CR she left her job and went to PR and now that we’re all back, we are working on building things together so we can all live the life we want.

I don’t mean to ignore my other siblings, they’re absolutely cool too. It’s just they’ve only recently arrived to that age where we have started to have things in common. I’m excited to grow a stronger bond with them now too.

Siblings can be the best of friends, we’ve had our rough times but for the most part, I think I’ve lucked out.

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