My Son Challenged Me to a Race: It Felt Like Deja Vu

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I remember when I was 11 and my dad was in his early forties– my first year of track & field was going really well. One afternoon following practice, my dad wanted to race me and I was excited by the opportunity of what I anticipated would be an easy win. Shortly after he challenged me, I was shocked as he crossed the finish line a couple strides ahead.

I know why he wanted to race, he had to know he still had it. He still reminds me of it to this day,

“Do you remember when we raced and I choked you on hill dust?”

“Do you mean when I was 11 and you barely won?” I laugh back.


Yesterday, I had Deja Vu, but this time I was in my dad’s position.

As you may know, I take my kids to the track to exercise most mornings.

We always warm up by stretching and then we run one lap around the track. Normally we do the warm-up jog slowly, but the past few days, my oldest son has been doing it at a quicker pace and finishes his lap a good minute before me. I guess he has been evaluating these results because yesterday, he decided to ask me to race him in the 100m. I was chuckling on the inside.

“Sure, let’s go.”

We raced three times before he finally admitted defeat “for now”. To be fair he was on my heels for the first 50m. A wave of nervousness even hit me for a second, but it’s not time yet.

“Almost young grasshopper,” I told him. He laughed but I know he’s silently figuring out what he will do to win next time.

Kids are funny.

Sooner than I think, he is going to beat me and it’s cool, I want him to. I imagine that moment, I’ll be both proud of him and a little sad about myself lol. But it’s inevitable.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to make the race tough– a little competition with the kids is always fun.


Thank you for reading!

 ❤ Aleesha

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