Recording My First Podcast Episode Now!

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Tonight’s the night!

By the time this posts, I will probably be wrapping up the recording of my first podcast episode.To prepare for today, I listened to an episode of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast. I wanted to a gist of how my podcast should flow.

Pat Flynn has been wildly successful, so I figured I’d learn from the best.

The main bit of information I was seeking, was how many questions were asked. I wanted to make sure I had enough to fill a decent amount of time. There were 17 in Flynn’s episode and it was 45 minutes.  I made about 15 questions with a few subquestions sprinkled throughout.

I talk kinda fast, so I’m going to try to remember to slow down so I don’t fly through the episode. Other than listening to Flynn’s episode, I have done a few practice runs with the podcasting software I selected.

For now, Anchor is a no go.

Previously, I talked about the two podcast options I was debating here.

There are people doing incredibly well with Anchor, but I experienced a few glitches with getting kicked out of the app and didn’t want to deal with that and the fact that my guests have to download the app.

Instead, I went with Zencastr which is also free (on the basic level) and just requires that I send a link to my guests.

My computer mic was crap so I purchased the Blue Yeti off Amazon, it was much cheaper than an option I was considering a couple years ago.

Things on my mind.

I spent an hour running around the house yesterday, replacing fire alarm batteries and trying to figure out which one was the culprit, but alas it is still beeping. Hopefully, I figure it out today *sigh*, but I don’t I guess it’s not that big a deal.

Tonight, there are going to be some parts of the conversation that are technology based. I have a very general knowledge of technology.  I can operate my cell phone, my computer, my social media accounts (is that even tech?? ), etc….the easy stuff.

When it comes to AI or machine learning or any other terms I am probably unaware of, I don’t know much. At first, this was intimidating and I found myself doing some research. It turned into one of those moments where I literally felt my brain ache.

I finally realized I don’t need to be the expert on this topic and decided to leave it to my guest to explain while I learn something new in the process.

Directionally, I’ve decided where I want to take the podcast.

I love talking to people on Medium.

I love that the first podcast is going to be about someone’s passion to tell the story they are writing.

I want to keep focusing on that…  

…On telling people’s stories about their passions and the projects they are working on. The things that make us happy in life. If you have something like that to share, send me a message ( If you’d like to read more about the guest on my first episode, check out this article.

Thank you for reading ❤



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