Some Quick Thoughts Before Seeing the Fireworks

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I’m sitting outside grateful for this afternoon’s thunderstorm that gave us a reprieve from the extreme heat wave this week. My oldest son is climbing up and zooming down the hilly street next to my parents’ home on his bicycle. He has learned a new trick- riding without holding onto the handlebars and I’m fighting the urge to shout out, “Be careful!” every two seconds. The youngest is tucked in for a nap after crashing from earlier festivities and an ice cream sugar high.

In the U.S. it’s the 4th of July.

The distant pops of the fireworks are becoming more pronounced now that the sun is dipping deeper into the horizon. If you live here you know people are amped and have been practicing their pyrotechnic skills all week in anticipation for the neighborhood shows tonight.

I have about 30 minutes to finish this post before we all sit down on the front lawn to watch.

Today, I was thinking about my writing. It feels like I’ve been I’ve been writing for ages. At first, the days flew by but now I’m seeming to pause and notice how many things have happened during the course of this 6 months- my birthday, my kids’ birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries…

I initially wasn’t going to write about all those events because it seems a bit cliché, like when everyone posts the same ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ memes on social media. I used to roll my eyes at that kind of thing, but I get it now. It’s life and to a degree, we’re doing the same things. It’s in our nature to share them.

My writing has been a way for me to take a photo with words and years down the line, it’s going to be nostalgic remembering the moments in my posts.

I can’t recall what I was doing with the extra time before this challenge but I’m glad I started. It’s just a few days shy of the halfway mark, so here’s to the last 6 months =).


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

Day 179











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