Someone Told Me I Wouldn’t Be More Successful than Them

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I don’t think you’ll ever be as successful as me.

Those were the words that came out the mouth of someone close to me. I was around 19 at the time.

Along with feeling a twinge of pain, not giving a crap what they thought and simultaneously making being more successful than them my number 1 goal, I was amazed at the negativity and audacity of this person.

“You’re wrong,” 

I said.

They had a business and that’s what they were leveraging as the pinnacle of success. I hadn’t even had a chance to really get out there and start life yet, and already I was being condemned.

Their negative words did the opposite of deterring me. It’s kind of always worked like that; if someone’s said I can’t do something I automatically know I can.

It’s our perception of our abilities that control the outcome.

Success is a big one to tackle though because it’s something different for everyone.

I’ve had some success along the way, but in terms of the overall picture I have for my life, I haven’t quite reached that yet.

When I do, I don’t even feel the need to stick it to this person anymore. Sure, there will definitely be a small joy in knowing I accomplished something they said I can’t, but that’s not the main point.

If I’m happy with the end result, that’s where the real success lies.

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