Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

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A friend of mine held a small imaginary globe of the earth in her hand.

I had opened a discussion about how I believe little of what I hear in the media.

“Look,” she says.

I am staring at the blank space above her palm and am imagining a serene, tranquil earth–green and brown land masses, wispy clouds and deep blue ocean waters, just like the pictures we’re shown from space.

As I am still in the midst of envisioning our peaceful planet, she abruptly grasps the imaginary globe in both hands and starts to violently shake it. Suddenly I am envisioning churning ocean waves, fierce winds, and dark stormy clouds.

“See? This is what they do.They want us to live in a constant state of chaos because no one can progress if they’re focused on the chaos.”

She stops shaking, releases the globe and relaxes back onto the couch.

“I agree,” I said thoughtfully. We then proceeded to have a conversation late into the evening.


“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

There was a time when I went with ideas as they were presented to me. This was mostly during my childhood–a particularly vulnerable age.

The law was the law in my home, in school, and in church.

I was taught to follow the rules without question. And trust me I had questions, but I suffocated them out of fear. For the longest, I thought the way things were, was the way they had to be.

If I was feeling up, my day was good. If I was feeling bad, my day was bad. My decisions were totally emotional and since there was nothing guiding me, I lived in chaos.

The slightest thing could’ve disturbed my world.

In addition to that, those around me were going through their own chaos and I was trying to help them while not even having found a way out myself.

I can’t identify the exact moment it happened, but by age 27, I pretty much drop-kicked every false truth I could find, out of my life.

Once I had a sense of freedom of mind, I started to follow my own path and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. I was no longer interested in group-think mentality.

There was no going back. 

“Knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom.”– Frederick Douglas

There is power in knowing and seeking the truth and for me, that’s in large part what the mission has become.






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