Start With What You Can Give Instead of What You Can Take

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I remember playing games like Checkers or Trouble with my siblings when I was younger. Games like this would get intense. Emotions ran high and sometimes just as someone was about to be on the losing end, the board game would go flying through the air and all the pieces would scatter across the floor.

No one wanted to lose and sometimes if that meant taking away another’s opportunity to win, we did it.

Of course, we were just kids so I’m not being overly critical here.  We obviously still had a few things to learn about winning and losing.

Thankfully with age and maturity, things have changed.

Gary Vanyerchuk, frequently says,


“There are two ways to build the biggest building in town:

1. Build the biggest building in town.

2. Tear down all the other buildings around you.”


Many people think that in order to build something great, they have to take something away from someone else and use that a stepping stool to achieve greatness themselves or they think that someone else’s win is their loss.

Neither has to be the case.

There’s so much opportunity in the world that we don’t need to destroy someone else’s thing in order to make room for our own.

Everyone can win.

It’s all about playing the right game and playing it well. 

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the power of collaboration.

It’s when we build together that we all win the most.

Last week, my friend and I started a publication.  Two other writers, I connected with already had publications of their own and we agreed to guest post on each other publications because, in the end, it will help us all to win.

Winning has a lot to do with giving.

I started writing because I wanted to give. I wanted to share my journey and hopefully inspire others.

I’m sure a lot of writers start for that same reason.

We feel like we have something to give to the world, something that needs to be heard. 

And many times we do that with no expectation of return. It just feels good to know we might be impacting someone’s life positively.

It’s always the people that have given the most that I remember the most.

It’s not the person advertising the $1,000 course on how to make money blogging, it’s the person that makes YouTube videos giving away all the information for free that I want to give back to.

I don’t know if I need the biggest building in town, but I do want to build something great.

In order to do so, I know it starts with what I can give instead of what I can take.

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