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To Monetize or Not to Monetize: That is the Question…Again

In an interesting turn of events, Medium is now allowing writers to publish their locked stories in publications. Being that Mr. Molly Maguire and I are co-editors of, “On the Rise”, this poses a curious dilemma. We recently received two locked posts submissions to the publication and have had to discuss what to do. Most…
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How I Made A Cool Podcast Animation in After Effects: And Now You Can Too

  I learned how to use Adobe After Effects today. Okay, I’m not a master but I learned how to animate a photo from Unsplash by adding wave lines to it plus a short audio clip from the podcast. Two days ago, I wrote a post about how I found a site to do it…
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It’s More than Just Branding, You Have to Market Too

  My blog traffic is picking up ever so slightly. I have gone from 1-2 views a day to around 15 views a day. It was almost 2 months ago to the date that I started importing my posts from my blog directly into Medium. I figured why not try to grow it at the…
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Do You Want to Talk? I Am Starting a Podcast

 Two months ago I redesigned my website. When I initially published the site, I realized it was slow, spent a few hours to fix it and then I left it as is, hoping it would fix itself. Obviously, that didn’t happen, sooo…I’m going to need to resolve the lag issue.Thank you to the new subscribers…
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