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We Had Our First Guest on the Podcast

My life motto is, “Add value to others without expecting anything in return” Today on the podcast, I asked Jordon Gross what brings him the most satisfaction in life. Jordan left his corporate job and pursued his passion for movement by becoming a personal trainer and he is also the author of the book, “Getting COMFY:…
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The Podcast is Growing and So Am I

I recently saw a quote on a Medium post that said, “When people don’t grow they rot.”  Lately, I’ve been looking around my life and I see growth everywhere. It’s a good sign. I’m in high spirits, I’m motivated, I’m making good decisions and I’m being consistent. Today, I checked the podcast stats. They’re growing…
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How I’ve Managed to Work Smarter Not Harder

   Two weeks ago, I was contemplating what to do with my podcast because the edits were taking way longer than anticipated. I got lucky last week and cranked out an edit in one hour. You see, I didn’t want to give the podcast up because it’s so much fun having the conversations but I…
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Just Released My First Unscripted Podcast with Aman Litt

  “Wow, I actually think I can edit this episode like really quick.” My thoughts last night as I finished up my 4th podcast conversation. The guest was writer, Aman Litt. It was only a couple of weeks ago, I had pulled an all-nighter to edit and release my first podcast episode on time. I’m…
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Get Off the Script: A Lesson from My Latest Podcast Session

The same way I write is the same way I want to podcast. I know, another podcast post- sorry I keep hanging it out there like a dangling fruit. It’s just what’s going on right now. I will release the first episode on May 7th, after I build a store of 4 or so episodes.…
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