The Challenges of Daily Writing & I Gained Another Top Writer Tag

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Hmmm,…it’s 11:15 pm.

Not sure if this is the greatest of hours to start a second post for the day but I’m feeling invigorated. I went sprinting on the track 5 hours ago and it’s been holding me over this evening.

Lately, I’ve noticed nearly all my posts are ending at the 3-minute mark. While I don’t see too much wrong with this in the grand scheme of things, two months ago, I definitely remember saying each post would be a minimum of 1000 words.

That has rapidly sunk to a 500-word minimum and even that’s a challenge some days.

When I joined Medium, the first profile I came across was Nicolas Cole’s.

He has an article about how he writes 10,000 words per day. I don’t know if he takes weekends off but if he doesn’t, that means he almost writes 2–200 page eBooks worth of words in one week!

That’s amazing.

 It’s not exactly my ambition but nevertheless, I am inspired and it encourages me to know that I can indeed stretch myself to write more if I try.


I usually have 3–4 days of posts where I know exactly what I want to write and can write fairly quickly. Then day 5 arrives and the block hits me.

Suddenly I find myself struggling to put together a cohesive thought or sentence.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I wrote 2/3rd of a post that was all over the place, then decided to scrap it and start fresh. That’s the first time I’ve done that.

It was that bad.

Days like those I’m like:

“Why the heck am I writing every day again?”

Why Am I Writing Every Day??

I remember having a discussion with my boyfriend a year ago. I said if we could just write a blog post every day, we would make some progress, we could start to build a brand. The idea seemed impractical.

We both kind of sighed and I thought,

“Yeah…I’m so not in the mood for that.”

Last August, I started out on Medium with a loose commitment to publish every day. I split the time between Medium and my old blog. I wrote every day for a grand total of 11 days before I started playing hooky.

This quickly led to missing 4 months and before I knew it, it was January and I only had 7 posts on Medium to show for it.


I needed it.

Sure, this could have easily been a commitment to write one, two, three times a week, but there was something about committing to writing every day that appealed to me.

I started this challenge on January 7th, my 30th birthday.

Exactly one year from that I’ll be able to say I wrote every day for a year. It’ll be my birthday gift to myself-

The feeling of achievement.


There’s nothing like it.


It’ll be the same feeling I had when I made it through a year abroad.

I’m not sure what will happen after that and truthfully I need not count my eggs before they hatch– I’m only 82 days in.


Two days ago I gained the top writer tag in “Writing”.

According to Medium, these are the three posts that helped me gain the tag:

Why I Use “I” When I Write

What’s Going on With the Don’t Write Everyday Posts??

NO More Fraudulence: I’m Just Trying to Be Me

I also have top writer tags for “advice” and “inspiration”. I wasn’t particularly shooting for any of those tags but now I am targeting something…”Life” and “Life-Lessons”.

I wonder if I went back and changed the tags on all my applicable posts to those tags if I would gain them.

Maybe, but I think I’ll be patient and wait this one out.

After all, it’s all a game of a patience, a slow race to the finish and now there’s just 283 days to go.

Thank you for reading! ❤



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