The Climb is the Best Part: Why I Love the Journey

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Today, I was running up and down hills with my oldest. I was joking with him,

“Remember the last time we ran up and down the hills? We wound up going on the best trip of our life.”

He says, “Yeah”

and then he laughed as I ask him,

“What do you think will happen this time?”

“I don’t know, something else good.”

I can’t credit last year only to running physical hills, but the hills are ingrained in my memory as a symbol for what it takes to be successful.

I just reached 1K followers on Medium.

I was thinking about it today and trying not to get all hype because you know, “It’s not about the followers.” But I can’t help myself, it’s exciting– not in an, “Omgee, I’m so great” type of way but in humbling, grateful type way.

At some point, something I said was meaningful enough for you to navigate to my profile and hit follow, so I am super appreciative. Thank you.

Daily writing was intimidating when I started out.

Do you remember the post I wrote on the night of the snowstorm?

I was wishing the power would go out so I would have an excuse to bow out of my challenge. That evening I got my wish– the power did go out. In the midst of that, I realized I couldn’t quit, l had only just started to climb. So I wrote my post to the light of a candle, racing against the dwindling power of my computer battery while connected to my phone hotspot.

It was an important moment for me.

Other than the essentials for survival, I don’t know if there’s anything I’ve voluntarily committed to doing daily for this length of time. A little while ago in another post, I had mentioned that we were almost to June, which is, of course, the halfway mark for the year. I said in June I would take a look at everything thus far and evaluate what I had accomplished. At the time, I wasn’t feeling completely satisfied with where I was at.

It felt like there was something missing, but I was hoping it would come together.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I connected with another daily writer on Medium and we started a publication and a daily podcast, just before the end of May. And just like that, I had found the missing link.

So now it is June and I’m 100% happy with where am at. I even have a little time to spare.

The thing about climbing is you never know what you’ll find on the way up. It’s always interesting.

Even though I’m no longer chillen under palm trees, this challenge is the second best trip of my life. I’m sure there are plenty more awesome things to come, so I’m going to keep climbing, it’s the best part of the journey.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

Day 153


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