The Crazy Part of Daily Content Creation: Life Happens Every Day

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Today my streak of running hills ended because it was very rainy out.

It was bound to happen eventually. I had almost gone despite the rain but decided it was not worth having soggy sneakers.

An inside workout did the trick just fine.

The funny thing is with daily content creation you always have to be on, even when it rains.

I remember a time when I was watching Casey Neistat’s daily videos and he suddenly took a break from making videos because he was having marital issues. At that point, Casey’s had already garnered several million subscribers, so he probably felt comfortable stepping away for a bit.

In the beginning, though, he made a YouTube video every day despite what was going on in his life.

Nas Daily, who makes one-minute Facebook videos, has published a video every day for the past 792 days. He’s said he’s not taking a break until he reaches his 1000th video. One day, he released a behind the scenes clip of him getting into a heated discussion with his team members to show that his life is not all “perfect”.

What everyone usually gets is the polished version when in reality, producing daily content can be hard.

Though I gave examples of daily videographers, even daily writing and podcasting can be a “struggle” sometimes. While nothing has truly thrown me off my game thus far, life definitely happens.

I’ve had a couple days where I’ve had family “issues”, or maybe my kids were driving me up the wall. Sometimes it’s just something like trying to juggle a crapload of responsibilities.

In one of our first few episodes, I had sat down to record after already having had “one of those mornings.” As soon as we start to get into the episode,  dishes are loudly clanging in the background and then one of my children bursts into the room crying. To top it off, we were already on our second attempt because Anchor had glitched and shut down the first time.

After I got the children all settled. I seriously had to woosah for like 15 minutes. I’m sure my cohost thought I had abandoned ship.

These things happen, this is life. I fall off the horse one day, I try my best to get back on the same day. In this case, I started doing daily gratitudes every day before the podcast recording because it’s just good being in an optimal state of mind.

Recently one of my favorite writers on Medium admitted she wrote a post that triggered some feelings that caused her to step away for a bit and that’s okay. But she’s back now and that’s great!

The important thing is to keep trying.

Thankfully most of my days are pretty awesome. If this challenge hasn’t taught me anything else, it’s definitely taught me to be adaptable — I have to be because life happens every day.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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