The End of a Hectic Year in Homeschool World

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In two days, I have the year-end homeschool evaluation for my oldest. Whew, am I glad to take a break for this summer.

This year has been hectic.

When we returned from Costa Rica to the US this past December, my son had just ended the 4th grade there and in the US they were already 3 months into the 5th grade. We had to play a little catch-up and last week when my kid just took the required standardized test, I had my reservations.

I am pretty unconventional in my homeschooling approach. We spend a fraction of the time that public schools do in studying traditional materials. My son self-studies a lot of that and we review what he has questions on. The large majority of our together time is spent reading and writing where we delve into tons of books and follow randoms paths of curiosity and interest.

Half the time he is asking me questions about things I don’t even know the answers to. For example last week he had some questions about the flat-earther’s theory and we found ourselves on YouTube watching a hilarious illustration on why the earth is round and not flat.

Anytime I’ve written about a book I’m reading, I’m likely reading it with my son. I usually think he’ll be bored to death and while sometimes he is, he is usually engaged and will break out with enthusiastic questions.

I’m telling you, we underestimate these young ones.

I always see these funny little videos on YouTube or Facebook where someone is acting out parent-child interactions when the child asks the parent one too many deep questions and the parent who doesn’t know the answer says, “Because I said so” or “Because that’s the way it is, now hush”.

I’m not going to lie, I may have been that way 5-6 years ago, but with homeschooling, I’ve learned it’s okay to not know all the answers. I can’t count how many times, my son has asked me a question about space or events in history and I’ve had to say,

“Welp, I don’t know the answer to that, let’s look it up together.” 

And we do and then I learn something new too.

Though I haven’t accomplished everything I set out to accomplish, I am happy to report last week, my kid passed the standardized test with flying colors.

I nearly fell out from relief.

I try not to put too much emphasis on standardized testing as a benchmark, but I have to admit, it would feel kind of sucky if he did poorly on the exam.

I’ve always thought if anyone is that concerned about something, they’re probably doing alright.

I had to remind myself of that today.

We’re going to wrap up the program this week and this summer we’re still going to do some light studying and hopefully find a cool summer camp for him to participate in.

Before we know it, it will already be time for middle school. 😁



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