The Lesson That Keeps Repeating Itself: Just Start

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Tonight I’m at the movie theater with the boyfriend, we’re 40 minutes early so we both decided to get a little work in on our phones.

Isn’t that terrible? lol.

Don’t worry phones are off-limits once the movie starts.

Since I’ve been doing my posts early in the morning, I’ve felt less stressed about getting them out by midnight and I now have a couple hours free some evenings. This post will already be for the next evening which is great. There’s nothing like getting ahead, especially for someone like me who used to be a chronic procrastinator.

I’ve already received some emails regarding the new podcast I’m starting and will begin conversations in the next couple weeks.

This is uncharted territory.

Though I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a couple of years now, like many things, I made it bigger/more complicated than it was. I used to listen to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast back when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m still largely trying to figure that out but now I’ve stopped contemplating and started to do.

I’ve made a lot more progress this way (obviously lol).

Anyway back to Pat Flynn. Two years ago I was looking at his guide to starting a podcast and there were a lot of steps. I wanted the best equipment and was waiting to splurge on a $400 mic and other podcasting equipment. All together it probably would have cost me just short of $1K. I was being too fancy and it resulted in never getting the podcast off the ground.

Two days ago I decided, “ Okay, I’m going to start a podcast.” I wrote a post and then started to figure out the details.

 Kinda crazy right? 

That’s the mode I’m in lately, diving right in and then figuring out the details.

Thousands of people have podcasts these days; technology has made things so much easier. Earlier this morning I researched and found out about Zencastr which enables podcast recording for conversations both in and outside the US (where I am located). I also learned about Anchor which is a phone app used for Podcasts.

I just downloaded anchor and now we’re testing it despite the loud background noise of the movie previews. It seems like a viable option, but I’m going to try it out more this week.

A while back, I wrote, “Can’t Decide on a Niche? You Might Want to Try This Instead”. It was a post about the frustrations of finding a niche and the idea that instead of trying to narrow down immediately I could just start to talk about anything. This is what I’ve been doing for the past two months and I noticed that in the process, I’ve started to niche down a little and find what I enjoy talking about.

That’s promising and tells me there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The best thing is to dive in and start to tackle the idea. The worse case is it doesn’t work out but that’s better than doing nothing and only pondering the possibilities.


Thank you for reading <3



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